Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Human League canceled this week 6/16 and next 6/23

Just a reminder that we will be canceling Human League this week and next due to Metro Parks closing the field.  My apologies as I know everyone wants to get out and play but I was unable to find another location on short notice.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 3 tomorrow -- don't forget your gear when you go to work!

Week 3 is already here -- 6:00pm Tuesday (tomorrow) night at Champions Park rain or shine.  Don't forget your gear!  Thanks for everyone who has paid and for those that will pay soon ;)  Please spread the word -- we usually have a good turnout of interns who move to Louisville for the summer, and we'd love for the 2015 batch of interns out there with us yet again.  Please refer them to the site for more information.

Two additional housekeeping items.  The first is a bit of a bummer -- Champions Park will be closed for two weeks later this month -- June 23 & June 30.  We have tried to find an alternative location but I have been unable to as all other metro park locations have been booked for this time.  I'll be sure to post on the website and email list in case there is any confusion.

The second item is a call to anyone out there interested in playing indoor on Friday nights.  If you are interested please contact Lucy Butts via email (lbutts(at)humana.com -- replace the (at) with @) Here are the details:

  • the league starts next week 6/12.  its co-ed and will cost $70 per person or less if we get more people 
  • games are short - 24 min halves with constant subbing
  • there are 5 people on the field and a keeper - 2 have to be girls at minimum
  • and a girl has touch the ball in the offensive half of the field


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 2 for the Human League tonight 6/2/2015!

Sounds like week 1 was a success with 22 players showing up for the first week of action. Week 2 promises to be even more fun!  Join us at Champions Park Field 6pm .  Cheers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tonight is the night!

Tonight is the night!  The Human League kicks off tonight rain or shine!  We officially booked field 6 at Champions Park starting today, and will run until the end of October.  We have liability insurance and have an official permit to play by Louisville Metro Parks.  Please don’t forget to bring both a white and a black t-shirt so that we can keep teams even as possible!  For those of you who have officially joined the league (and paid your league dues!) I salute you – and for the rest of you – I still definitely need you to officially join – and pay sign the waiver provided here on humanleague.org.  We’ll try to accommodate those of you who are not technically inclined.

With the official start to the new season, I want to remind everyone of a few things.  First of all, thanks for being a part of the Human League community!  With this being my first season organizing the league, I really want to emphasize this aspect of community.  For some of us, this will be our first game with the Human League, and other of us (wily veterans!) we’ve been a part of the league since the beginning.   For everyone, though, it is really important to get to know the fellow members of the league – and all it takes really is to introduce yourself to both members of your (temporary) team, as well as your opponents.  I think you’ll find even more fun to get to know everyone, and it might make Tuesday nights even more fun.  For those that are interested, I’d like to encourage some additional ways that we can get know each other better on or off the pitch, and will provide more information as the season progresses. Your suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated!

As a fellow member of the community, please be considerate to other members of the community – this is our golden rule.  I don’t want to have to spell out single infraction (because this email/blog post is already too long!), but keep this in mind every week!  Run hard while you are on the field, and sub often – none of us want to stop play just because some community members refuse to sub off the pitch.  If needed – we’ll split off another small sided game to accommodate everyone who wants to have a run!

Some of us bring a fierce competitive spirit to the league, which is great – but the league is meant to provide a healthy outlet for exercise (both mentally and physically.)   This means try hard to keep a positive attitude, and take yourself off the field if you need to calm down – we’ve been fortunate to avoid many incidents in the past, but we reserve the right to kick you off the field for the day or the season if you can’t keep to the spirit of the league.

We play with modified FIFA rules which include no slide tackling, and especially no slide tackling from behind.  We call our own fouls, and while you can pretend you didn’t really trip them, be honest to yourself and fellow community league members.

Thanks again and I look forward seeing you out there (eventually – ironically I’ll need to miss the start of the season for the first couple of weeks as I am adjusting to life as a proud papa of my second child, Sasha.)  Stuart Mushala will be the official Human League ambassador on the pitch.  This year I’d like to keep track of the scores and those who participate every Tuesday—we still need to figure out logistics.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Welcome to the latest season of the Human League

THL Season Premiere in 2 Weeks!

It’s that time of year again! In just a few short weeks the season will begin and we hope you will once  again join us. The 7th year of The Human League will begin May 26th and run every Tuesday through October 27st. 

What to Expect  The Human League is:

·    Co-ed - Both men and women play
·    Recreational - Players have various levels of experience. If you are fairly new to the sport, play hard. If you are a pro, adjust accordingly. There isn't a championship. Everyone is playing for fun.
·    Pick-up style - This is a flexible format. Everyone shows up, splits into teams, and plays 90 minute games. Players will self-referee and handle subbing on the fly.
·    Informal - As with any informal pick-up league, it's hard to predict what turnout will be like from week to week. It's important that everyone is flexible and willing to adapt on occasion (for example, be willing to play in a short game or sub more).

How Teams are Made
After everyone shows up, teams will be separated by shirt color. All the black shirts will be on one team and all the white shirts will be on the other. How do you decide which shirt color to wear each night? We recommend flipping a coin. We like to mix it up and keep it random. Also, this is why it's important that you bring the opposite color t-shirt with you every night - in case you need to switch teams to even up the numbers. 

Players must abide by the linked “Player Code of Conduct.”


Games are every Tuesday evening beginning May 26. Games begin at 6pm so show up early if possible to get geared up. The final game will be October 27.


Louisville Champions Park, 2050 River Rd., 40206 (River Road and Edith Avenue). Parking is available on Edith Avenue. Field 4 is reserved for The Human League. Look for the league flag. Check out the map from the 2012 post below.


 The Human League Philosophy on the Weather
Soccer is not afraid of the rain and neither are you. We will play whenever it is safely possible to do so. Rain alone will not cancel a game. For the safety of the players, activities will be cancelled for the following weather-related reasons: 

Lightning/Thunder: In the event of lightning/thunder, all activities must be halted immediately. Players should return to their vehicles or other shelter for safety. Activities should not resume until at least 30 minutes after the last incidence of lightning/thunder.

Other Dangerous Weather Conditions: In the event there are other weather conditions that may present a danger to players (e.g. hail, dangerous winds, torrential downpours), all activities should be suspended while the dangerous weather conditions are present.

Field Conditions: If the pitch is so wet (standing water) that it could be damaged by playing on it, then games should be suspended. Fortunately, Champions Park drains very well.

So what should you do?

The decision will always be made at the playing fields at the scheduled game time. There will always be a league representative on site to make the final call. Plan on showing up for the official word unless the weather is obviously going to be too bad throughout the game time.

Shin guards are required. Socks should fully cover shin guards. 
Soccer cleats are highly recommended - no metal cleats 
Two t-shirts (one black, one white)
Some other recommended items: drinking water, sunscreen.

The fee is $24.00 (twenty dollars) per player for a 24 game season which is a dollar per game. This is to cover the cost of the Metro Parks’ playing field and general liability insurance that Metro Parks requires us to maintain.
Due to the new requirement of carrying liability insurance, players will only be able to participate if they have paid and are 20 or older. 

In order to pay for the season, please use the "Buy it Now" button below.  Paying through Paypal makes keeping track of who has paid very simple.

Release Form
NOTE: All players need to submit a new release form this year. 

The release forms are now electronic. Please fill out the linked form below. All players must have a release form on file.
Release Form

See you on the pitch!

Best regards,

Casey Barwell & Stuart Mushala
The Human League